Ms. Maryanne Ito

Combining a classically soulful sound with an amazingly sultry voice, Ms. Maryanne Ito is poised to redefine the complexion of Hawaii music. From an initial listen, her command of angelic harmonies, profound lyrics and incredible vocal range have captivated a wide variety of audiences; including many music enthusiasts, radio and club disc jockeys and fellow musicians.  Reflecting on her earliest singing memories, she speaks of singing church songs with her siblings and cousins at a young age.  Singing quickly became an integral part of Maryanne’s life.  She goes as far as to say, “My music defines me.”  Citing influences from Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn to Whitney Houston, Madonna and Jill Scott, Maryanne quickly developed a musical sound of her own. She first appeared with older brother and mentor, Bless’d Chil, singing the chorus on the single, “I Found You”.  The song soon became a favorite in the Hawaii underground music scene.  With this exposure, Maryanne peaked the interest of James Westbrook from the production duo known as Slapp Symphony.  Their ensuing collaborative effort produced the neo-soul gem entitled “With You”.  The song became a lead single on Slapp Symphony’s 2009 Hawaii Music Award winning album, “Lands Of The Lost”.  When asked what inspired her to write the tune, Maryanne answered, “I was at a point in my life where I’ve found new love.  I had a new love for music and a new love for myself.”  Her voice became the shining star of the album and caught the attention of several pillars of the Hawaii music scene.  The success of “With You” led to a series of television appearances including, Dis-N-Dat TV, Living Local With The Baracquios, Hawaii News Now, and Tiny TV.  In an interview with Kut Master Spaz on Dis-N-Dat TV, Maryanne has stated that she drew inspiration from life and art.  This is evident in her songwriting as she sings of personal experience with an emotion that could only come from what Maryanne has referred to as “her soul”.  Her resume grew with performances at  The Hawaii Music Awards, 808 Speakerbox, United Elements, Strangefruit, Showdown in Chinatown and Blackstar at The Hawaii Theatre.  According to Maryanne, “The highlight of my music career thus far would probably be performing my song, ‘Waking Up,’ at the Hawaii Theater.  I had the opportunity to open for Blackstar who I love, but that wasn’t the kicker for me.  The kicker for me was having to grace the stage at the Hawaii Theatre.” Her latest musical contribution “Waking Up” is an introspective look at personal regret, her distain of the mundane and her subsequent triumphant breakthrough. It is featured as a single on the 2012 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominated album, “Drown Em In Beats, Save Em Wit Rhymes” by Slapp Symphony.  Currently, Maryanne is preparing for the release of her first mixtape, “Stone Groove Family Presents:  So Silky Smooth – I ❤ Dilla Series”.  She is also completing her highly anticipated full length studio album entitled, “Chopstick N’ Headwraps”.  The album features production by Slapp Symphony, Thirst4Worst Productions, The Level, DJ Sub Zero and Wes Beatz.  Maryanne says, “This project is an honest personal reflection of where I am as an artist and as an individual.  I selected each beat, and I wrote songs that I felt were honest and think that people will be able to feel that.”  With so much more in the works, Maryanne is positioned to be a heavy hitter in the music world for many years to come.


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